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Sunrise over Mountains


Effectivity & Sustainability


Individuals and organizations either develop, stagnate or even fall back.

Even the most ambitious transformation has to go

one step, one conversation at a time.

What might sound slow is highly effective. In fact it's the only sustainable way to even the biggest transforamtions. The secret incredient that you need is a truly compelling vision for everyone within your organization. When everyone understands what they are invited to strive for and what's in for them we


unveil a sparkling energy 


that not only drives the transformation but is a transformation in itsself. 

That's your first big step.

Sunrise over Mountains

The determining factor
Our experience comes from leading and coaching transformation in different types of organizations. Succeeding in a transformation is difficult. One study shows that only 15% succeed. 
We have learned that the success factors are:
A high level of commitment, involvement and energy throughout the organization,
A creative leadership culture promoting mutual respect, courage and trust,
A continuous open and honest dialogue.

Although the work with the organization’s design and governance is important, the determining factor is
putting the effort and energy into

developing the organization’s culture.

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