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"We have a newly assembled group of 13 international scientists working at Rentschler 
Biopharma developing and managing biopharmaceutical production processes for our clients all
over the world. Sabrina’s effort bringing this team together on a personal level and building
trustful relationships, was a great support with a two-day off-site event on the beautiful Swabian
Alb in Southern Germany.
Due to illness of the originally assigned trainer, Sabrina kindly jumped in on very short notice.
She was able to quickly grasp my intention as the group leader for this event, understand our
team dynamics and individual characters, and was able to set up a tailor-made coaching
program for us. She always showed high flexibility, professionalism, and engagement combined
with her very friendly nature to adapt to the group dynamics, individual needs and wishes which
made these days absolutely enjoyable and valuable for the whole team.
Thank you very much, Sabrina, for your support and personal advice on how we can get
stronger as a team. We left this event as a much more connected team and you contributed a
lot to this by showing us new perspectives about how to reflect on ourselves and the team!"

Matthias Kron

Director DSP Process Science at Rentschler Biopharma SE

21 October 2022


"I had the pleasure to get to know Sabrina as a highly professional Coach & Consultant during a full-day workshop. Right from the start, it felt good with Sabrina. By her clear, calm and warm hearted way, she creates for everyone a space to participate effectively. Sabrina intervenes at the right points and tunes in to the different characters very well. She was excellently prepared, facilitated in a structured way, and asked effective questions. Her facilitation and method to work on challenges Moderation helped our team very much to identify focus areas. She supported our teambuilding and created a growth atmosphere in which we were able to share our strengths and blind spots alike.

Thank you very much and until next time!"


Camilla Gruschka
People and Site Management at Celonic Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
21 November 2021, Camilla Gruschka was customer of  Unveil Business Consulting


"I have had the pleasure to work with Sabrina or to be supported by her in several topics. Together with my team I took a change management training that she gave. I also took a course dealing with "feedback". These courses have been always eye openers and well set up. Also to work with her on topics like "New ways of working" and "Work culture" was very fruitful. You can always feel her passion for the topics. She is convincing with her competence and her calm manner."


Dr. Cornelia Stöhr

Head QC Biotesting at Roche
2nd April 20022, Cornelia and her team participated in Sabrina’s workshops


"Sabrina Malter supported us in the complex environment of a major project with a Mid Project Review.
Our technical project at a pharma production site aims at establishing a new production line for two new products. The project includes more than 60 project team members and is planned for 2.5 years. Sabrina supported us to identify where we already succeeded as a project team as well as where we were in need of improvement. She is very empathetic and very experienced in working with teams. She knows how to facilitate even sensitive topics in a way that enabled us to find a solution in a good team spirit. Sabrina furthered us in this 2-days workshop extremely and allowed us for a great start into the second half of the project. As a follow-up, she supported our team in some retrospectives/ check-ins in order to ensure continuous improvement and focus on the identified topics.
I recommend working with Sabrina Malter without reservation, andI see a sustainable impact from working with her in my team. In particular, interpersonal topics which are normally difficult to fathom could be improved with her help.”


Thilo Girsch

Senior Project Lead at Roche Diagnostics GmbH
18 Februar 2022, Thilo and his project team participated in Sabrina’s Mid Project Review and retrospectives.


"Together with my team, we participated in Sabrina’s two session feedback training. The open atmosphere and great impulses motivated all of us to engage actively in the workshops. After the workshops we saw clearly that we substantially improved regarding challenges within the team as well as with all our partner departments. We also saw a very positive effect on team development. Providing feedback proactively led to a substantially improved team culture and atmosphere.

The training sessions have been professionally planned, well structured and have been delivered by Sabrina in a highly tangible way. The mixture of theory and practice made the sessions very and helped very much to put the learnings into practice. Thank you very much from me and my team for your valuable inspirations and support, Sabrina.”


Tina Altdöfer

Head of Complaint and Investigation Management and Shopfloor QA for QC at Roche
14 February 2021, Tina and her team participated in Sabrina’s Feedback workshops series.


"Sabrinas Coaching Angebote haben positive Impulse in unserer Organisation gesetzt und uns neue Blickwinkel, gerade was das Verhalten als Führungskraft betrifft, eröffnet.

Besonders gut hat uns der große Praxisschwerpunkt mit den vielen Übungen in Kleingruppen gefallen. Da Sabrina als Person sehr feinfühlig auf die unterschiedlichen Bedürfnisse eingeht, waren stets alle Teilnehmer zufrieden. Durch die Angebote begegne ich heute meinen Kollegen häufiger "fragend" anstatt "ansagend". Zudem hat mir der Netzwerkcharakter der Veranstaltungen sehr gut gefallen und ihr stets hoch engagiertes Auftreten.”


Luisa-Elena Moels

Head of Capability Building und Lean Academy bei Roche
11. März 2022, Luisa hat an Sabrinas Coaching Capability Building Programm teilgenommen.


"Sabrina is a very engaged professional with a big heart. She's an inspiration.
Her coaching skills have helped me to improve my way of seeing things. I'm delighted I had the chance to learn
from Sabrina and I'd gladly work with her again!”


Silvia Rose

Senior Manager Organisation Development bei Roche Diagnostics GmbH
15 May 2021, Silvia Rose was a participant in Sabrina's workshops.


"With Sabrina’s Coaching workshops I always appreciated very much that they took place within small groups und hence in in highly trustful atmosphere. Sabrina’s substantiated expertise and interactive concepts enable me and my colleagues to learn coaching techniques effectively and sustainably, and - what’s even more important - to develop a coaching mindset. In particular, the opportunity to work on own examples and Sabrina’s individual follow-up support days or weeks after the sessions helped me to put what I’ve learnt into practice effectively. Moreover, Sabrina always set a special emphasis on the potential of peer support, like networking and peer coaching. Darüber hinaus hat Sabrina immer einen besonderen Fokus auf das Potential gelegt, dass im gegenseitigen Support und Austausch steckt (Stichwort: Netzwerken und Peer Coaching). I profit continuously from the contacts that I gain thereby since I could establish valuable working relationships of deep connection. Especially my teams benefited from Sabrina’s workshops and trainings since I learned to support them through partly tremendous change individually and suitable to the specific situation and supported them with powerful questions to develop and test their own solutions.


Dr. Julia Tolle

Head of Maintenance at Roche Diagnostics GmbH
16 February 2022, Julia Tolle was a participant in Sabrina’s Coaching Capability Building Program.



Liebe Sabrina,
vielen Dank für diese wunderbare Einführung in Liberating Structures. Ich konnte sehr viel mitnehmen, es hat wirklich viel Spaß gemacht und man konnte hier mit Leichtigkeit neue Tools erlernen - vielen Dank für dieses tolle Angebot!!
Ich freue mich schon sehr auf dein Event in großer Gruppe hierzu! 


Dr. Tanja Mang

Operational Excellence Manger bei der Celonic Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
27. September 2022, Tanja Mang nahm einem Workshop zu agilen Arbeitsmethoden: Liberating Structures von Unveil Business Consulting teil.


Thank you, Sabrina! I really loved your session'Building a Learning Organization' on USNH 2022 Virtual Lean Summit and am excited to continue to delve into this content. It is highly relevant and timely. 


Sara Robinson

Director of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs at University of New Hampshire
23 September 2022, Sara Robinson attended Sabrina's webinar session at USNH 2022 Virtual Lean Summit on 'Building a Learning Organization'.

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