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Your first step towards a Learning Organization and Lean Culture

Unveil Business Consulting has developed a Coaching Capability Program for leaders on all levels of your organization. It's based on Lean Kata Coaching and Leadership Coaching and starts with developing Problem Solving as well as Human skills in a first module. Module 2 is about practicing Lean Kata Coaching and Module 3 adds Coaching Skills from positive psychology and leadership research.


One step at a time towards your challenge

Lean Kata Coaching is based on scientific thinking. As your Kata Coach I help you to understand your current condition and define a future condition which will lead to the outcomes you are aiming for. I go along with you as you tackle one obstacle at a time and learn form your experiments you are striving towards your challenge. This approach is based on Mike Rothers extensive research on the routines that helped Toyota to become one of the most learning focussed organizations.

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Committed to your Growth

Leadership Coaching based on positive psychology and creative conscious leadership supports to unveil your boldest impact and to grow as a leader and person.
I assist you to get clarity regarding your professional and personal vision and help you explore ways to strive towards it.

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