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Unveil the potential of your organization

Wouldn't it be great ...

 ... to develop your people to problem solvers and continous learners?

... to work in flow focussing on your genuine responsibilities? 
... to shape a highly engaged, collaborative work environment?

Wouldn't it be great to unveil & grow the potential of your organization as a whole and of everyone within?

Unveil & Grow

At Unveil Business Consulting, we are convinced that there is a vast potential within organizations.

The potential of concerted action, engaged collaboration and inspired creativity that comes from a compelling and  energizing vision and a culture characterized by courage and trust. 
We invite you to learn more about our approach based on Lean Thinking and Human-centerd Leadership

on our website and we are more than happy to explore together with you what Unveil & Grow means for you and

your organization,

We support you

Developing your Vision
& Strategy

Striving for Excellence

Do you and everyone in your organization has a clear understanding of where you are going? 

A compelling vision has the power to drive your whole organization towards unprecendeted hights, to infuces energy and enthusiasm each and every day.

What would excellent look like

for your organization?

Transforming your organization

Effectivity & Sustainability

Individuals and organizations either develop, stagnate or even fall back.

Even the most ambitious transformation has to go

one step, one conversation at a time.

What might sound slow is highly effective, the only sustainable way to get there and in fact quite fast.

Our approach in based on Lean Thinking and Human-centered Leadership. We support your transformation with Co-Creative and Agile working, with Lean methods, as well as with individuell and team coaching and Human Skills capability building

Building a
Learning Culture 

The Learning zone =
the High Performance zone

With a Learning Culture your organization will be set up to be faster,  more innovative and adaptive to change, and to excel in quality.

Our approch supports your organization to develop the mindset, skills and structures for learning and knowledge sharing. We draw on research and proven approaches from 

Psychological Safety,

Lean Kata Coaching & Lean Thinking, and Building Trust & Courage.

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Sunrise over Mountains
Helping Hand

About Sabrina Malter


Creating a business environment where everyone makes their


within the organization and beyond

is my passion.

I love to challenge, encourage, and support organizations and individuals who embark on their growth journey.

I believe in the power of Lean Thinking and a courageous learning culture where everyone brings in their creativity and questions, and strives together towards a

compelling vision. 

My clients describe me as a passionate and empathetic Consultant, Lean Kata Coach and Coach-the-Coach.
Out of my 25 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, 10 were focused on leadership  and organizational development, business transformation, and strategric planning. I am a scientist by training (M.Sc., The Open University, UK) with further enducational background in Leadership Coaching (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Leading Change (Durham University, UK), Professional Resilience (Deakin University, Australia), and Lean Leadership & Culture (KBJ Anderson Consulting Integrand LLC).

I am convinced that leadership and culture are the crucial factors in achieving the results we long for and need. I believe in human-centered leadership that is characterized by respect for people and promotes mutual trust and courage.  

My special strengths are 

Enabeling organizations to create a vision that infuces the whole organization with energy day by day and to develop a hand's.on strategy and method to strive in this direction. 

Strengthening teams and individuals to pause, reflect, learn and grow.

Accelerating personal growth and cultural transformation across organizations based on 'creative consciousness' self-awareness and boosting human skills, like listening, asking effective questions and building courage and trust.

What our customers and workshop participants say

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